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About TombFinder

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TombFinder provides cost- effective, web-based record management software that allows participating cemeteries to more effectively protect and manage their burial records. Our online record management software includes a full database of all viewable records listed in a participating cemetery, an administrative mobile app for quick and easy upload, and customer service chat options. Professionally built websites are also offered to interested cemeteries and combined with easily affordable hosting as part of monthly fees (one time website set-up fees apply). The 'Get a Quote' section of our website allows cemeteries to answer a few questions about their business online and instantly receive an estimate for using TombFinder. At TombFinder we are committed to offering a web product that will revolutionize the cemetery industry and keep records safe and viewable for future generations, while providing our customers with the support needed during this transition.

Sponsors and Affiliates

We have many groups and organizations that we have partnered with to make TombFinder a success.