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Unfortunately in life, we will all eventually lose someone we love. During this time of difficulty many wish there was a way to keep their loved ones remembered. At Saassoft we believe we have found the solution. Tombfinder.com allows both participating cemeteries and the friends and family members of the deceased to better memorialize the lost in a safe space online. Many cemeteries currently keep hard copy, paper records that can easily be damaged or destroyed. Tombfinder.com allows these records to be uploaded with the tombstone photo and it's exact coordinates where they will remain safe and easily accessible to users. Both our website and participating cemeteries provide an option to the grieving to purchase an Enhanced Account. An Enhanced Account allows users to upload photo's, share biographical information, favorite memories & stories, and leave comments to or about the deceased. It is a great way to provide some level of comfort, keep loved ones remembered, and share ancestral information for generations to come.

Product/ Technology

Tombfinder.com, is a Software as a Service (SAAS) product and is designed to allow cemeteries to post their burial records quickly to the cloud. The site focuses around state of the art technology incorporating photographic uploads, GPS information, and a potential global market to help people connect with their departed. Tombfinder seeks to connect end users in a more efficient manner & store data in cloud servers which are immune to fire, water, & drive loss damage. Overall, this software has the potential to help 150,000 cemeteries in the United States alone easily migrate to a unified web solution.

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Market Opportunity

Tombfinder.com is the first website of it's kind. The site provides an everlasting link between the past, present, and future. Tombfinder is set up so that all involved benefit. Friends & family members of the deceased are given an opportunity to keep memories alive, Cemeteries benefit by staying in touch and selling Enhanced Accounts, and positive feedback and site traffic benefit the Tombfinder project. With almost 20 years combined experience in computer programming & website design, as well as several other successful projects, our staff is both qualified & dedicated to providing the most efficient software to best suit the needs of all involved. Our aim is to make the Tombfinder software as simple and easy to use as possible. With the help of our clients, both cemeteries, and the friends & family members of the deceased alike we 'd like to gain constructive ideas, feedback, and the ability to provide further desired services in the future. We also want to close any gaps in communication by making it possible for both our site and cemeteries to publish newsletters, family genealogy maps, as well as event calendars and special date reminders. Getting in on the ground level with Saassoft's Tombfinder web software puts cemeteries in a position to better serve the friends and family they work with and to be a step above the rest.

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