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Technology Overview

Tombfinder.com contains many different pieces of core technology that will help to ensure its success. This is what sets us apart from our competition in the funeral and memorial industry. The computer programmers at Saassoft have created a whole new market with software that was previously non-existent. Weʼve combined the idea for a well designed and efficient online memorial that allows for cemetery networking with a unique mobile app for both administrators and end users. Our plan is to turn the funeral and memorial industry upside down. Weʼre shaking things up and producing new, fresh ideas to launch these industries into the 21st century.

The Tombfinder.com website will be the main homepage and centralized search engine for our web application. It will allow users to search all clients (cemeteries) in our database or a certain individual by name, date and location. Each listed cemetery will have a link to their own site which will also have search by name and date options. To help manage, simplify and ensure the accuracy of the search process, we are planning to launch our Global Administration application this summer (2011). The Global Administration application gives control to the cemeteries directly, allowing them to upload records and enter data. The website will manage the account of each individual cemetery and make help documents available to aid them should they require support.

Each individual record uploaded by the cemetery will contain a grave site photo of the headstone or grave marker, GPS coordinates, and core data on the users such as name, birth and death dates, and any other headstone text. End users will be able to add to the record database after purchasing an Enhanced Account from the cemetery. Their account will allow them to upload additional photos, videos and add any obituary or memorial information for an individual as well as leave comments. Anyone can create a free account on the site which will allow them to follow a record, request to update information about the departed and receive updates from the cemetery. Free Account holders will also be allowed to leave comments on posted information; however, only Enhanced Account members will be able to upload and add information to an account.

Saassoft has created a software platform which will run on the Tombfinder.com website that allows one website to control many accounts. Itʼs designed so that each account has its own subdomain by default, though they have the option to use their own custom domain. Using this centralized web technology allows for software updates to be deployed quickly and inexpensively. Weʼre making user interaction, cemetery management and searchable records simple while also throwing our unique and innovative design into the mix.

Over the course of the next year, our Tombfinder.com site would like to help bridge any communication gaps between cemeteries and end users. Our developers are in the process of enabling cemeteries to share calendars and newsletters to help them better communicate with the public. Weʼd also like to create integrated billing and a licensable API, where we will be able to extend the features of Tombfinder.com to other services. These may include businesses involved in genealogy or other third parties that would find this data useful.

The developers at Saassoft are working hard to make sure that the product launches smoothly and is on the cutting edge of the industry. They are carefully considering all available options and have also taken many suggestions and turned them into reality. Tombfinder.com should be a success as there are no direct competitors, only similar slightly scattered ideas. The innovative design and complex yet easy to use technology puts Tombfinder.com one step ahead and literally helps put cemeteries on the map.

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