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Record Manager

A Record Manager or Enhanced Account Manager of Tombfinder.com is an individual that has purchased the right to manage the information about one of their deceased family friends or relatives. They’re helping to create a lasting online memorial of that individual and keep information about that person available for future generations to come. The Enhanced Account Manager also reserves the right to allow others to post and add information on the account and moderate what’s posted.

After the cemetery completes the initial upload of the grave site information which includes, a grave photo, GPS coordinates and any tombstone text, the record manager has the ability to further edit the account. They will be able to create and add in an obituary information, funeral information, and accomplishments. They can also add additional photo’s and albums, videos, and leave comments and stories for and about their deceased.

Any interested person will be able to create a user account on the Tombfinder.com website and follow a record; however, Only the record manager will be able to control the information that shows on the page they manage. The Record Manager will also be able to have automatic email updates sent out to any followers of that record whenever there is new information shared. With the help of record followers the Record Manager should be able to share many interesting facts, stories, and important information about the deceased individual to help commemorate their life and history.

The developers at SaasSoft and creators of Tombfinder.com have many exciting additional features that they are in the process of making available to both the Record Manager and Followers. Some of these features include creating a genealogy link for families to link records together, a link to be able to send flowers to the gravesite, and a mobile app to help locate the gravesite at the participating cemetery should they choose to visit. All of the additional features are still “in the works” but the developers are hoping to launch them within the next year.

It’s wonderful when family and friends celebrate and remember the lives of those that have passed. Managing an online memorial in a safe place to make any shared information available to the future is also helping to make history and genealogy information that much easier to obtain. Becoming a record manager on Tombfinder.com by purchasing an Enhanced Account is a truly unique and thoughtful way to help keep loved ones forever in your heart.

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