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April 2011

SaasSoft LLC is a brand new start up company created by Tony Spore and located in beautiful, sunny, Southern California. The products we’re creating are user friendly, cutting edge and well designed, not to mention completely awesome.

Tony first had the idea for SaasSoft in the summer of last year, and by November 2011 he decided that Tombfinder.com would be a great starting point and that it fit his unique business model perfectly. Only five short months have passed since then and here we are- up and running! We’re starting small but we have many fresh, promising, and innovative ideas. Tony- the mastermind, creates and programs almost all of the product features himself. He also employs a small staff to support him. Our first product Tombfinder.com is to be launched later this month!

Tombfinder is a Software as a Service (SAAS) product designed to allow cemeteries to post their burial records quickly to the cloud. The site focuses around state of the art technology incorporating photographic and video uploads, GPS information, and a potential global market to help people connect with their departed. The site will provide an everlasting link between the past, present, and future.

Within our first year to 2 years in business we’re hoping to capture and transform the cemetery market in the U.S.- About 55,000 cemeteries in total. Thought we’re still in the beta testing stage we’re already working with our first client located in Fillmore California. A portion of our business will stem from initial website set up or redesign and then will follow with the use of our Tombfinder.com website. Tony has made it simple and easy for cemeteries to keep their records safe and updated while also helping to launch the business into the 21st century. He’s successfully created an administrative mobile app to allow them to upload grave records to the site. After a record is uploaded the Tombfinder account holders (end users) will be able to add information to a record beyond the initial grave photo, GPS coordinates, and headstone information. The user will have the option to upload additional photos, and biography information, add videos and allow other users to leave comments on the page they're managing.

In the future we’re also looking to add a genealogy builder to the site and features that allow participating cemeteries to post newsletters and event calendars helping them to stay better connected with the site users. The information uploaded may also become useful to genealogy websites.

The Tombfinder.com site is just the jumping off point for SaasSoft. The technology used to create the site and our mobile app is a model for some of Tony’s future plans and ideas. We’re currently in the process of launching our first product and presenting it to a few possible sponsors and contests in an attempt to earn some capital to help fund the projects. This last month SaasSoft was entered in a contest for technical Start-up companies to earn $50,000 in funding. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Tony as the results have not yet been announced.

The Tombfinder.com website is up and running and available to check out although it’s still undergoing many changes before our big official product launch. All of us at SaasSoft are working hard and hoping for the best in our new endeavor, and we look forward to sharing more good news in our coming future.

At this point in our project we would like to have as many early participants as possible. We currently only have around 2,000 graves in the database and 1 client on the map. We would like for people to browse through the records, and help us with any leads to gain another 9 cemeteries between now and the end of June 2011. We’re also looking to raise capital to keep our bills paid as we seek to revolutionize the industry.

Interested parties wanting to get involved and share in this project through financial giving are invited to share a portion of our revenue for the next 3 years while we get this project off the ground. We have come a long way but still have much to do over the course of the coming year and hope to gain some financial support and investors. To make a pledge or to sign up to receive additional information please fill out the form at google.

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