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Tombfinder Mobile App Help Document

Tombfinder makes it easier for you to locate the grave site of your loved ones. This document describes the features included in the application and how you can use them to their full potential.

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Welcome to the TombFinder Help Page



To begin your search please open the Search tab on your mobile device. By default, there are no entries displayed. You can search for a record by entering the first name and last name, or just the last name.

Zoomed In Search  
More Results

Only 20 results are shown at a time, to view more records click the "More Results" button at the bottom of the page.

Select A Record Select a record

Once you click on a record, you see a photo of the headshot and the information on the headstone.
The cemetery address is listed as well as contact numbers. There are two directions options provided, Driving directions which will take you to the cemetery, and Walking directions Once you get to the cemetery. Click walking directions and follow the compass to the headstone.



In order to shoot photos you must login to your TombFinder account. If you do not have an account, please go to: www.tombfinder.com/users/sign_up The basic version of the TombFinder app and your account will always be free. You can shoot as many photos as you want and we will never charge you any hosting fees.

Photo (3)


Once Logged in, decide if you are going to shoot in "Slow" mode or "Fast" mode. If you shoot in "Slow" mode, you manually enter the headstone information after each picture taken. If you are shooting a bunch of photos, using "Fast" mode will send us the pictures and we review the pictures to get the information and enter it for you. Select the "Show Near Me" option if you want to see cemeteries in your area that have been added. If you don't see the cemetery you are looking for then you can manually add it under the self fulfilled option of Request a cemetery
Request a cemetery .

Photo Cem

Select the cemetery at which you are shooting. If the cemetery is not listed, please follow the "Request a Cemetery" link. You will have to fill out some basic information to get that cemetery added.


Once your cemetery is listed, you can begin snapping photos! If you are in "Fast" mode, click start session and tap the screen when you have the photo properly framed. If you are in "Slow" mode, click Capture then add in the headstone information.

Slow Add In

The "Slow" mode feature is best used when the photographer is only capturing a few headstones. You enter the headstone data, one photo at a time.

  • Shooter's Tips

  • Turn the volume up on your device so that you can easily hear the camera capture sound after each photo is snapped.
  • If you're using an iPhone: Lock the iPhone in the 'Upright' portrait position.
  • If you're using the iPad: Lock the iPad in 'Landscape' position, with the camera lens in the top left corner. Locking the position of your device will prevent the camera from rotating allowing each photo to be captured in the same and correct position.
  • Do your best to keep your feet, scarves, and shadows out of the photos you capture. Depending on the time of day you're shooting you, may need to stand to the side of a headstone to successfully snap a photo without your shadow in it.
  • Only one photo of each headstone is needed, even if there are multiple names listed on a headstone. Just make sure that you stand far enough away from the headstone to capture all the names and dates listed.
  • Shooter's Tips Continued...
  • If you accidentally hit the screen and it takes a shot, select "Pause Session", navigate back to the Local tab, use your finger to scroll to the bottom of the list of pictures, and slide your finger across the bad photo (or use the Edit button), and a DELETE button in red will appear, delete this photo so it doesn't get uploaded).
  • Uploading Tips -

  • Before you begin uploading your photos, you will want to turn off "cellular data" in your device and instead use Wi-Fi to avoid using your 3G data plan to upload.
  • While in your device settings you will also want to turn off your auto-lock feature. Your feature settings should give you the option to choose to autolock after 7 mins, 15 mins or 'Never'. Select 'Never' so that the device does not lock, preventing your TombFinder app from uploading your photos.

Good Photos

Good2 Goodtomb Example10
Good3 Example4 Example8
Example9 Example2 Example3

Bad Photos



Bad4 Bad6 The tombs appear blank because of dirt or weathering. These are not good examples of tombs to capture
Bad3 Bad7 If you can read these up close then you will need to shoot in slow mode and input the data
Bad5 Bad8 These two photos are obscured by dirt and leaves. If you would like to capture these tombs you will need to clean off the tombs first
Wrong Tooclose These two photos were taken too closely. Remember you need to have the whole tomb in the picture frame. Square everything up.

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