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You know how much time cemeteries waste using maps and poorly-marked plots to show people where their loved ones are buried. TombFinder is a web and mobile-based memorial network that directs your clients to burial plots while creating a passive revenue stream for you.

Unlike traditional memorial websites with little or no cemetery control, Tombfinder easily pinpoints gravesites, is managed by the cemetery, and generates additional income after a low initial cost.

Getting Started With TombFinder


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TombFinder Distinctive's

TombFinder's Features: Benefits for you: Benefits for your clients:
Geo-location service for gravesites Easily locate any grave Show loved ones exactly where someone is buried.
Convenient mobile application Access your cemetery anytime, anywhere Lets your customers help themselves
Add new information (records) yourself Gives you control over how your site looks, the info you share and the data you store Provides your local community the information they want and need
Records are also online memorials Brings you closer to your community and increases your site traffic Helps ease a difficult time for your customer
Records feature photos, videos, bios, comments and sharing Encourages clients to help build your database Let’s them share biographical info and memories with future generations
Provides an income opportunity Passive revenue from offering TombFinder to clients can pay for itself within the first year For an optional, minimal fee your clients get to celebrate the life of their loved ones online
Safely preserves historical data No more concerns of loss or damage of records Access data from anywhere
Great customer service Get an answer to any question quickly Get an answer to any question quickly
Effective, well-designed and inexpensive Saves you time and money with only minimal startup costs Easy to understand and use


What our Customers say:

“We were looking at doing a kiosk...this technology makes that obsolete.”
-Mike Damron
Manager- Carpinteria Cemetery District
“It’s just so useful and helpful to anybody that runs a cemetery or works in a cemetery.”
-Doug Basolo
Manager- Bardsdale Cemetery District
“It’s a little like Facebook meets Google Maps, but for dead people.”
-Pacific Coast Business Times



Here is a testimonial about how Bardsdale Cemetery is using Tombfinder.


Here is a testimonial about how Carpenteria cemetery is using tombfinder.


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Select Your TombFinder:

  TombFinder Free
Custom Website URL No Yes
TombFinder Subdomain Website URL Yes Yes
Cemetery controls site content No Yes
Website design included No Yes1
Static website hosting No Yes2
Listed on TombFinder in promo material No Yes
Authorized to use TombFinder in promo material No Yes
Passive revenue from selling Enhanced Accounts No Yes
Records feature photos, videos, bios, comments and sharing No Yes
Hosting fee No ~$0.008 per grave per month3
Data input fee No4 $0.15- $0.50 per grave5
Initial headstone photo/GPS capture User mobile app to capture and log all initial records TombFinder takes all headstone photos and records GPS and records GPS coordinates6
Additional headstone photo/GPS capture Use mobile app to capture and log all new data Use mobile app to capture and log all new data